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Vanguard shelf supports are durable, pre-finished white ABS shelf brackets that hold 12" or 16" melamine or painted board. Customers can use them to build clothes closets (shelf and closet rod), as well as linen, pantry and utility shelving. They can be installed in homes, garages, and commercial applications.

Vanguard supports are easy to install because no painting or gluing is required. Each system comes with all fasteners and installation hardware required.

Vanguard’s shelf supports are considerably stronger than metal shelf brackets because of their geometric design. In fact, one pair supports over 300 lbs. Vanguard supports are also more practical than wire shelving and cost your customer about 25% less. Installation is much faster and gives a premium quality look. Vanguard supports are also an economical alternative to wood cleats and 1” x 3” pine strapping.